Today, my oldest of 4 starts high school. He is taking all honors classes and plans to get involved in clubs and sports and be popular. I believe that he is going to be a lot like Steve. Steve was popular with a lot friends, girls all over him, star athlete and excelling student. I will do everything in my power to keep him away from the drugs and alcohol. He is old enough to understand my story and he knows where the drugs will get him life, but in high school  peer pressure is everywhere. I'm excited to see how a real high school kid acts and what they do. I never had that opportunity. Life is full of choices, obstacles, heart break, hurt, love, decisions, regrets and happiness but it's hard to work through all that and stay strong and determined  Sometimes when you think you are at the end of it, keep pushing forward. 
8/5/2016 01:37:57 pm

You sick fuck for treating your brother David the way you did all those years ago. After copying his success and trying to write your own book it makes me sick to have even bought it and given some of the proceeds to you. May you remember his cries for help and screams forever and know you did nothing but cause more pain for him then to help him.

10/29/2019 06:39:50 pm

But the thing is Richard was a little boy at the time and his mom brainwashed him to think that and at the time he didn't understand.

6/23/2018 03:04:15 am

Are you out of your mind with ignorance!
He was under the age of five and brainwashed by his mother, and of course, like most youngsters; if not all, instinctively knew the need of having to save their own hide.
If you feel the need to get shitty and gritty about "karma" , the man
paid for his sin of being a toddler "Nazi" by becoming just as severely abused himself .


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